horror blog. most of the things that I post are not mine. I just figured it'd be an easier way to find horror gifs by making a blog with them and filing them, basically, by title of movie. check out the 'tags' page, motherfucker.
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Halloween (1978)

So The Exorcist (1973) is considered to be a “cursed” movie. There were numerous deaths that occurred during the making of and shortly after the completion. Jack MacGorwan (he played Burke Dennings) died shortly before the release of the movie from the flu. He also dies in the movie. Valsiliki Maliaros, Lee J. Cobb also died. People that were also related to the actors in the film died and some were injured. There were 9 deaths in all.
Priests were brought to bless the set and ease some of the actors. Aaaand a studio fire destroyed the initial sets of the MacNeil residence, which had to be rebuilt. 
But hey, maybe its all just a coincidence

God won’t help you. Carrie is in theaters everywhere. DON’T GO ALONE!

Hocus Pocus (1993)